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ChirpOMatic uses machine-learning technology to automatically identify bird songs and calls. Just record a bird singing, and ChirpOMatic reveals all.

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Birdsong recognition, wherever you are

Heard a bird and want to know what it is? Just tap the red button – ChirpOMatic will do the rest.

The app will instantly check your recording against a library of more than 100 birds, and provide you with the closest possible match.

Great fun and easy to use, ChirpOMatic doesn’t even need a network connection, Wi-Fi or phone signal to work*. Whether you’re at home, on holiday or on a hike in the wilderness, ChirpOMatic’s ready when you are.

*Android devices will require a connection

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Fun for you, safe for the birds

Loud playback of bird songs can confuse and disturb nesting birds, distracting them from defending their territory and feeding their young. That’s why ChirpOMatic comes with a built-in ‘Bird-safe Mode’.

With Bird-safe Mode switched on, you’ll have to hold the phone to your ear (as though you’re making a phone call) to hear the recordings. This ensures the birds can continue their day in peace, and makes the app safe to use anywhere, at any time.

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Chirp-o-magic! Love it. And the Grandkids do too

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Share your recordings with us

ChirpOMatic saves your recordings within the app so you can listen again, send them to friends, and share them with us if you’d like!

Your recordings are really helpful to us in improving the app, so the more you share, the more accurate ChirpOMatic will get.

What’s more, we’ll submit the best ones to the Xeno-canto website for the use of conservationists and scientists worldwide.


ChirpOMatic is now available both in Europe and the USA.

If you can’t hear your suggested matches, the app may be in Bird-safe Mode. Try holding the phone to your ear.

There may be a few reasons why the app didn’t give an accurate result. There may be an issue with your phone’s microphone, or there could be background noise like wind or traffic (it is important to keep quiet during the recording as the app will try to identify the loudest sound). It may also be that we simply don’t have that bird on the app yet!

This is likely an issue with the phone’s microphone. The app uses the microphone at the top of the phone, and this can stop working without you realising, as it isn’t used for phone calls. If you go to the app’s settings, you will find a button to switch to the bottom microphone instead.

ChirpOMatic can recognise the songs and calls of around 100 birds (a full list can be found in the reference section of the app). These are the birds we can provide the most confident, accurate results for, and the ones that tend to sing the most! We’re adding birds all the time too, using your recordings to help.

Most apps these days take some kind of personal data from you, but rest assured ChirpOMatic does not. We only get details of your recordings if you email them to us!