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An easy-going way to bring you closer to nature, Chirp! is packed with hundreds of bird calls and songs – and it dovetails perfectly with ChirpOMatic.

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The original birdsong app

Great for birder beginners or just for fun with the family, Chirp! is an app designed to help you learn and identify bird sounds in the most relaxed way.

Listen to the songs, read the helpful tips and even learn what the birds are saying – with a ‘human translation’ for many of the calls.

So easy and fun to use, it’s our most popular app – and it’s been in the App Store charts ever since its launch over ten years ago!

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Take the quiz, test your knowledge

When you think you know your blackbird from your bullfinch, you can put your birdsong knowledge to the test in Chirp!’s fun quiz. Answer quickly for a bigger score.

Or, for a more informal way to test yourself, simply switch on the slideshow feature, listen to a variety of birds and see if you can name them before the voiceover does…

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Equal parts wildlife guide and feel-good pick-me-up

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Works in tandem with ChirpOMatic

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If you’ve already got our birdsong recognition app, ChirpOMatic, then Chirp! makes the perfect addition to your library of nature apps.

Designed to work seamlessly together, you can jump from the results screen in ChirpOMatic straight into Chirp! to learn more about the bird and its sound.